While Xweather Raster Maps currently does not add legends to the individual map requests, you can use the legends below with our various map layers as needed. To save a particular legend, right-click on the image and choose Copy or Save As and a vector (SVG) version of the legend will be downloaded. To request a raster version of a legend, change the file extension in the URL from .svg to .png.

You can also generate custom legends tailored to your specific needs, where you can adjust the default cell size, legend size, custom labels and data interval. Simply use the Legend Generator (opens in a new tab) tool with your Xweather account to generate and download custom legends.

Due to the large number of possible weather alerts, we do not offer a single alert legend. Instead, alert legends should be generated dynamically for your specific implementation based on the alerts returned by your API request and mapping them to their corresponding color based on VTEC codes. Refer to our Alert Types reference document for the full list of possible alerts and colors. Our Legend Generator (opens in a new tab) tool also allows you to download legends for single alerts groups, such as only severe or flood-related.

Radar - Rain (dbz)radar
Radar - Ice (dbz)radar
Radar - Snow (dbz)radar
Temperatures (°F)temperatures,ftemps
Winds (mph)winds
Dew Points (F)dew-points
Humidity (%)humidity
Wind Chill (°F)windchill
Heat Index (°F)heatindex
Snow Depth (in)snowdepth
1-Hour Precip (in)1hr-precip
Future Precip/QPF (in)fqpf
Future Snow (in)fsnow
Storm Reportsstormreports
Storm Cellsstormcells