Layer Blur

Xweather Raster Maps provides support for blurring an individual raster layer. This capability is useful to improve visualization with hard color transitions or areas of pixelization when zooming in.
The blur option takes an integer value, where the higher the value the more blur is applied and 0 meaning no blur.

Single Layer Blur

To blur a layer, add :blur({amount}), immediately after the layer within the URL, where {amount} is the integer value to blur. For example: radar:blur(2) would add the radar with a blur level of 2.

Blur(0) - Default{client_id}_{client_secret}/flat,radar:blur(0),cities/700x300/dallas,tx,6/current.png

Blur at 0 example


Blur at 1 example


Blur at 2 example


Blur at 5 example

Multiple Layer Blur

When making requests with multiple layers, a blur value can be set for each layer individually, and each layer can have a different blur level.

Example: A static map that displaying the satellite layer with a blur of 4 and a radar layer blur of 1:{client_id}_{client_secret}/terrain-dk,satellite:blur(4),radar:blur(1),cities-dk/700x300/dallas,tx,6/current.png

Blur at 5 example

Blur with Opacity

Blur and other layer modifiers, such as opacity, may be applied together by chaining them in the URL. For example, to render a radar layer with 70% opacity with a blur level of 2, you would use radar:70:blur(2){client_id}_{client_secret}/flat,radar:70:blur(2),cities/700x300/dallas,tx,6/current.png

Blur at 5 example

When using multiple layer modifiers, their order in the URL is arbitrary. For example radar:70:blur(2) is the same as radar:blur(2):70.