Getting Started

Getting Started

Getting started with MapsGL is quick and easy and requires that you have an active Xweather Flex subscription (opens in a new tab).

Create an AerisWeather account

Sign up for an Xweather Flex subscription (opens in a new tab) and setup your access keys as described in our Xweather Weather API's getting started guide (opens in a new tab). We offer a free developer account (opens in a new tab) for you to give our weather API a test drive.

Explore the Map Builder

Start exploring Raster Maps datasets and layers using our Map Builder to see what's available and how it looks. You can also use the Map Builder to generate valid Raster Maps URLs that you can use in your applications for static images, interactive maps, or using our Javascript SDK (opens in a new tab).

Review the supported access methods

Imagery provided by Xweather Raster Maps can be requested either as a static map or as map tile layers with transparent backgrounds for integrating with third-party mapping libraries, such as Google Maps, Apple Maps, and Mapbox. You can also use time offsets to access data for a specific time period or valid time.