Image Quality

Image Quality

The {format} or extension of a requested image may utilize any of the following extensions to adjust for image quality and bandwidth requirements. Lower color images can be useful for mobile and visual displays which may have limited bandwidth or data transfer restrictions.

When utilizing a PNG image with 256 or less colors, dithering may be utilized to encode the color palette. For JPEG images, either the jpeg or jpg extensions may be used.

You can prefix any image quality type with @2x to request a higher DPI version for retina displays.

@2x.png2x scale (retina)
pngTrue color PNG image
png3232 color indexed PNG
png6464 color indexed PNG
png128128 color indexed PNG
png256256 color indexed PNG
jpg7070% quality JPG
jpg or jpg8080% quality JPG (default)
jpg9090% quality JPG
jpg9595% quality JPG
jpg100Maximum quality JPG
webpWebP Image format