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Precision weather data from an array of endpoints and advanced datasets — all through one seamless integration. Formerly the AerisWeather API.









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Meet our industry-leading weather API

Our RESTful weather API meets the demands of developers, product managers, and data scientists across the globe. With over 40 endpoints to leverage, there's no limit on ways to integrate weather data into your solutions.

Historical weather data

Query our historical weather database for interpolated conditions at any point on the planet going back to 2011.

Real-time weather conditions

Current observations and conditions are available near real-time for any location.

Global weather forecasting

Global forecasts for numerous parameters are available for up to 15 days, with precipitation forecasts available for the next 60 minutes.

Robust developer support

Industry-leading documentation, SDKs and toolkits, and world-class technical support. By developers, for developers has been our mindset since day one.

Advanced geospatial queries

Leverage advanced geospatial and location search capabilities and our GeoJSON output to build weather data-enriched visualizations.

Build weather confidence into your business operations

API datasets

The Xweather API is more than a weather API — it's a lightning API, an air quality API, a renewable energy API, a tropical cyclones API, a road weather API... (we could keep going, but we won't). Access the entire kingdom with one set of keys through your Xweather API account.

Note: Certain endpoints have access multipliers, which will be listed on the endpoint documentation page.

Ambient and forecast weather

Our weather conditions and forecasting endpoints are the cornerstone of our weather API, renowned throughout the industry for their accuracy and precision. But what makes them so good? Our Engineering Team ensures the data quality through extensive reanalysis, running models of our own as we collate data from the world's best and most-used models and personal and public weather station networks.

Air quality

See the world clearly with current air quality conditions, 4.5-day global Air Quality Health Index forecasts, global Air Quality Health Index, pollutant categories, and individual pollutants — plus their concentrations — for your requested location. Track patterns in air pollutants from wildfires and volcanic eruptions to inform home or office air filtration needs and heath risks and mitigations for sensitive groups.

Road weather

Weather on the roads can be slippery to navigate. Access our road weather-focused endpoints to determine whether certain roads are safe to travel, whether they're snowy, icy, or wet — and how thick the precip layer is, calculate your risk for aquaplaning, improve your EV range predictions, and more.


Pull critical data and create stunning visuals of weather on the seas using Xweather's maritime endpoint and layers — perfect for monitoring port operations and offshore platforms and safeguarding your crew.


Empower your operations with the world's most accurate global lightning dat — The Xweather lightning API delivers the precise location and characteristics of every lightning strike globally.

Weather and environmental disasters

Earthquakes, tropical cyclones, severe storms, and wildfires can each have devastating impacts on their natural and built environments. Emphasize safety and develop organizational emergency management and natural disaster plans with weather forecasting, alerting, and historical data.

Webhooks and pushed data

For the most time-sensitive or data-laden operations, webhooks and push data — powered by the very same robust weather API developers and experts know and trust — are the most common solution we recommend. Contact our sales engineers for pricing information or to build the best package for your needs.

What Xweather API endpoints are compatible with webhooks?

Glad you asked. Just about all our endpoints are compatible — but some of the most common are alerts, earthquakes, fires, lightning, and tropical cyclones.

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Access to the Xweather API starts with a subscription to Xweather Flex, our convenient weather API and raster mapping bundle. Get the data you need, when you need it, with access to quick-built, high-resolution weather visuals.

Start your free 30-day trial, build your Xweather Flex subscription, or contact us to learn more.