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Raster Maps

A powerful and flexible weather mapping platform that gives you exactly the imagery and map overlay tiles you need.

Providing the most complete weather mapping solution available.

// Industry-leading mapping

Full end-to-end mapping solution

AerisWeather Maps offers one of the most complete weather mapping solutions available. Maps provide the flexibility to create everything from a full weather map with base and administrative layers to transparent weather tiles, which can be integrated with your preferred mapping libraries, such as Google Maps, Apple Maps, or Mapbox.

// Weather in context

A robust library of weather layers

Maps provides access to our most popular layers, such as radar, satellite, and alerts, and severe layers, like tropical cyclones, fires, lightning strikes, and more. All Maps subscribers can utilize the forecast layers available within their subscribed plan(s), including access to up to 30 days of historical layers.

Designed with simplicity, usability, and ease of integration in mind.

// Software meets art

Advanced image features.

Your Maps subscription allows you to customize each layer with various unique tools and features.

Layer Opacity

A unique Maps feature that allows each layer to have its own opacity value, allowing for the addition of weather layers without losing base map details.

Color Adjustments

Tint and modify the color of a layer by scaling the HSLA (hue, saturation, lightness and alpha transparency)

Blend Modes

Leverage layer blending functionality, such as pulling terrain topography on a map into weather layers.

// Developer-friendly tools

Tools that make integration quick and efficient.

By developers, for developers has been our mindset since day one, and it’s reflected in the resources we’ve developed and made available to our customers. Add in our industry-best documentation and direct access to our Customer Success Team, and you can rest assured knowing we’ll exceed the expectations of your engineering team or software development partner.

Mobile SDKs

Both iOS and Android software development kits (SDKs) allow you to quickly integrate and optimize weather for each platform.

Javascript SDK

A robust SDK for easy Maps and/or API integrations. Boasting native support for Mapbox, Google, Leaflet, HERE, and more basemaps, HTML, NodeJS formats, and full or slim application control options.


Even those with no coding experience can get started quickly by using our series of Wizards to easily get the weather data and imagery they need.



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