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Renewable Energy

Maximize the value of your renewable energy projects and investments with superior wind and solar energy data.

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Industry-leading wind and solar energy forecasts

Xweather delivers the most accurate wind and solar energy forecasts in the industry so you can plan, invest, and trade with confidence. Whether you need site-specific or regional forecasts, Xweather helps you manage your assets, reduce your risk, and gain a competitive edge in the energy market.

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Find the optimal sites for renewable energy projects

Xweather gives you instant access to over 40 years of historical weather data for wind and solar resource assessments, output forecasts, and risk analysis. Comprehensive data helps you choose the best sites, designs, and technologies for your wind and solar projects to maximize energy output and minimize risk.

The need for action has never been more urgent

We need a massive expansion of renewable energy generation to secure a sustainable future for the world. But time is running out to reverse—or even slow—the impact of climate change. What can be done to accelerate the global energy transition? Read this special report today for 12 pages of insights, solutions, and inspiring thinking as originally published by Raconteur Media in THE TIMES.

Industry-leading weather data and energy forecasts to optimize production, mitigate risks, and inform decisions

Trusted data, tested in the real world

Our renewable energy solutions have been helping customers for over 20 years. The data is supported by science and relied upon by hundreds of customers worldwide, from project developers and operators to the financial community and energy consultants.

The tools to succeed

Our renewable energy tools enable early detection and fast analysis of output issues. Xweather solutions are easy to integrate into your operations. Use our flexible online tools or pull data directly into your systems through our APIs with guaranteed 24/7 availability.

Pioneering innovation

We are innovators and scientists helping fundamentally change how the world is powered. Our renewable energy solutions are powered by advanced weather modeling, robust data science, cutting-edge supercomputing capabilities, and an absolute commitment to quality.

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