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Renewable Energy

Maximize the value of your wind and solar energy projects and investments with a full understanding of past, present and future weather.

Industry-leading weather data and insight to optimize energy production, mitigate risks, and inform decisions.

Trusted data, tested in the real-world.

Our renewable energy solutions have been helping customers for over 20 years. The data is supported by science and relied upon by hundreds of customers worldwide, from project developers and operators to the financial community and energy consultants.

The tools to succeed.

Our renewable energy data and tools enable early detection and fast analysis of output issues. Xweather's solutions are easy to integrate into your operations. Use our customizable graphical interface or pull data directly into your systems through our APIs with guaranteed 24/7 availability.

Pioneering innovation.

We are innovators, scientists, and discoverers helping fundamentally change how the world is powered. Xweather's solutions for renewable energy are powered by advanced weather modeling, robust data science, cutting-edge supercomputing capabilities, and unrivaled thought leadership.

Find your competitive edge

Industry-leading wind and solar forecasts for renewable energy projects and markets.

Weather fuels renewable energy, but publicly available forecasts do not provide the accuracy needed to optimize production at each site. Xweather Forecaster for wind and solar energy offers exceptionally accurate energy forecast information for asset owners, project managers, and energy traders to make confident, data-driven decisions at site-specific and regional levels to manage investments, reduce risk, and gain a competitive edge in the energy market.

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Set up to succeed

Find the optimal sites for your wind and solar energy projects.

Generating the most value from your wind and solar energy investments requires thoroughly understanding each site’s weather patterns and trends. Xweather Historian gives renewable energy asset owners, developers, and project managers instant access to comprehensive historical wind and solar data to create value comparison reports, analyze output, and drive better decisions. With a deeper understanding of historical weather, you can select the best sites and designs for your wind and solar projects to maximize energy output and minimize risk.

Renewable Energy - Historian feature

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