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Meet Xweather's WebGL-based weather maps.




The future of weather mapping is here.

Easily customize and integrate a variety of high-quality, vector-based weather data, imagery, and visualizations into your applications and custom solutions.

Weather visualized your way.

The WebGL technology behind MapsGL leverages the data and not the imagery files, so the data’s display can be adjusted on the fly to suit your application’s needs. This includes color ramps, styling, animations, densities, and more. Choose to customize using guides from our extensive documentation library, or select from our library of pre-styled layers.

Remarkable speed, impressive animations.

MapsGL’s gorgeous animations make it fast and easy to understand the data you’re visualizing. Instead of stitched-together images, the data flows seamlessly through your animation timeline, allowing you to observe short and long-term trends over time. Clear weather data visualizations contribute to a better understanding of what's happening and what to expect.

You control the weather story.

Visualize global weather and geospatial data as never before with new, enhanced, and custom mapping features. MapsGL makes telling your weather story limitless.

Visualizing real-time weather data in ways not possible before.

Data is only part of the story. Captivating visualizations of real-time weather and geospatial data paint a clearer picture.

Client-side rendering

With MapsGL, weather data is rendered entirely in the browser, meaning you have complete control over how data is visualized and presented. Customize color scales, filter which data is rendered, and more using our developer-friendly MapsGL SDKs.

Real-time data queries

Since the data is all available client-side, you have quick and easy access to all the data driving your map visualizations. Simply provide a coordinate on the map and receive all of the data at that location from all active data sources and layers.

Efficient data loading

No need to load static map tiles for every zoom level any more. With MapsGL, data is only loaded up to the maximum resolution of the data source. And since data is rendered client-side, the result is sharp, high-quality graphics regardless of zoom level without making unnecessary data requests.



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