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Access all of our weather API and raster mapping offerings in one convenient monthly subscription.

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How it works

Xweather Flex includes access to two base components - the Xweather API and raster maps.

Weather API

Our global weather API provides precision weather data from an array of endpoints and advanced datasets through one seamless integration.

  • Leverage historical, current, and forecast weather data

  • More than 40 endpoints providing critical and niche information

  • Customize queries with advanced capabilities and features

Raster maps

Leverage insights from custom weather visualizations and tile overlay integrations to speed up critical decision-making.

  • Library of over 100 weather layers

  • Compatibility with third-party mapping libraries

  • Advanced image customization

About multipliers for premium datasets

High-quality weather data should be accessible for everyone. Flex's multiplier-based model makes our premium datasets and mapping features — like air quality, road weather, lightning strikes, and MapsGL — available to every Flex subscriber by simply instituting a higher cost in the form of accesses — or "multipliers" — for proprietary features.

What this means for you: Using premium endpoints or map layers — both raster and MapsGL — will use 5 or 10 accesses versus the standard single-access associated with basic Flex endpoints and layers.

Getting started


Start your free 30-day trial and test out the features and datasets Xweather Flex offers. Your personal assistants for the next four weeks:

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Come back and start your official Xweather Flex subscription to maintain the continuity of the beautiful new weather integrations you've built. Our current pricing model is a pay-per-month subscription at the volume of your choosing.

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Look back and marvel at all great things weather awareness has brought to your business — from money, resources, and time saved to the improved safety of your assets, clients, and personnel. Now that you're feeling nostalgic and grateful for weather data, consider leaving us a review!

Trials and pricing

Access to the our API and raster maps starts with Xweather Flex. Get the data you need, when you need it, with access to quick-built, high-resolution weather visuals.

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Free 30-day Flex trial


Explore our most popular endpoints and layers free for thirty days from time of sign-up.

  • Up to 1,000 accesses a day

  • No credit card required

Xweather Flex

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Xweather Flex is the base of all Xweather API and mapping subscriptions, providing access to rich historical datasets, minute-by-minute forecasts, and unique endpoints and layers like severe weather, tropical storms, and wildfires.

Start with Flex and add on advanced datasets and features like air quality, lightning, renewable energy, road weather, and MapsGL.