Weather data for perishable goods

Inform your decisions with weather data and imagery to keep perishable goods like plants, produce, and pharmaceuticals temperature-stable.

Handling perishable goods? No sweat.

Simplify the transportation and storage of perishable goods with weather data, mapping, and alerting.

Inform your packaging

Choose the correct packaging for ambient temperatures along a route to maintain temperature stability and improve operational sustainability.

Last-mile delivery

Many challenges can arise in last-mile delivery. Bring weather awareness into your last-mile planning to inform your temperature-sensitive transportation.

Menu tailoring and seasonality

The key to any perfect menu? Fresh ingredients. Supply clients in the restaurant industry with high-quality seasonal ingredients to make their menus shine.

Route weather

Plan shipping routes for perishable goods to avoid or consider inclement weather or extreme temperatures along the way.

Shipping modes

Truck, van, train, or plane? Perishable goods have a finite shelf-life — get them where they need to be with the most effective mode of transportation.

Shipping timelines

Get perishable goods to their final destination on time by calculating and providing the most appropriate shipping timelines based on weather conditions.

Weather alerting and delivery barriers

Rough waters, flooding, hurricanes, tornadic activity, and other weather phenomena can create barriers in a courier's ability to deliver goods in certain regions. These dangerous and often-unpredictable conditions are crucial to avoid — and time is of the essence to inform those involved to keep them safe.

Leverage real-time weather alerting with webhooks to avoid regions impacted by severe weather events.

Optimize meal kit delivery services with weather awareness

As the meal kit delivery network continues to grow, companies are constantly challenged to play smarter. This dynamic and highly competitive landscape demands innovation to secure and maintain a competitive advantage.

Get started: Trials and pricing

Start building weather confidence into your perishable goods applications with a subscription to Xweather Flex, our convenient weather API and raster mapping bundle. Get the data you need, when you need it, with access to quick-built, high-resolution weather visuals. 

Start your free 30-day trial, build your Xweather Flex subscription, or contact us to learn more.


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