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SDKs + Toolkits

Javascript SDK

A rich set of client-side functionality for accessing the AerisWeather API, rendering weather maps, widgets, and more.


High-quality vector-based weather data, imagery, and visualizations for your applications and custom solutions.


Quickly integrate weather data and imagery into your iOS applications with very little effort.

Android SDK

Helps developers quickly and easily add detailed weather content and dynamic maps from AerisWeather to any Android application.

Python Tools

A suite of Python tools designed to easily access our Weather API data.



Discover and learn how to integrate our weather data into your applications, including our Weather API and Maps services.


Quickly get started with our products and services by using our series of wizards to easily get the weather data and imagery you need.


A collection of product demonstrations for a variety of integrations using our Javascript and MapsGL SDKs.

Service Status

Get real-time status updates and maintenance windows for our APIs and services.

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