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Transportation + Logistics

Maximize your visibility into weather's effects on shipping and delivery timelines.

Weather integrations for software applications

Routing optimization, logistics planning, the environment's effect on vehicle components, and autonomous driving – these are just some of the industry use cases where the weather has an outsized influence. For those product owners and developers looking for a weather integration partner, our API and Maps platform delivers all the environmental data parameters and map layers your application requires. Severe weather alerts are also available via Webhooks, pushing critical notifications to you in real time.


Real-time road surface conditions

Our Road Weather API is the industry-leading solution for those requiring the most up-to-date and high-resolution road surface conditions. Whether you’re dispatching mission-critical trucks today or designing the autonomous vehicles of tomorrow, it's critical to have access to road surface conditions for both now and down the road. In addition to current conditions and down-the-road forecasts for the duration of the trip, the API delivers friction estimates and water, snow, and ice film thickness.

Superior snow & ice management

Wx Horizon is a state-of-the-art winter road management software application designed for airports and government agencies. By leveraging IoT pavement sensors, camera technologies, and machine learning, we generate the highest-quality observation and forecast data. Decision-makers can leverage its integrated high-quality pavement forecasts, atmospheric forecasts, observations, and alerts notifications - all in one place.

Truck Driver Power helps truckers plan routes, stay safe via hyper-local weather awareness.

A mobile app for truckers, Truck Driver Power leverages weather alerts & conditions to inform drivers of threatening weather conditions on their planned route.

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