Energy and utilities

Protect your assets and employees in the field while delivering superior service to your customers.

Weather integrations for software applications

Weather has a foundational impact on energy producers, utilities, grid operators, and power generators. Use cases range from weather's effect on equipment, to the safety of crews in the field, to load forecasting and pricing. Our API & Mapping products can deliver a robust array of environmental data parameters and map layers for any location on the planet.


Wind and solar energy production

With the surge in renewable energy production, the industry is evolving from forecasting demand to dispatch generation and moving instead to forecasting generation and dispatching load to match it. Our industry-leading software allows owners and operators to build the best projects at the right locations, optimize operations, and maximize their value in the marketplace.

The world's best lightning data

From substations and transmission lines to oil rigs and wind turbines, the energy and utilities industry is particularly exposed to lightning strikes. System reliability, equipment damage, and worker safety are risks energy companies and utility providers face daily. Whether conducting historical analysis, monitoring for strikes, or forecasting strike threats, our lightning data and software solutions are trusted by some of the most prominent players in the industry.

Lightning Safety Awareness Week

Lightning is a serious safety hazard that can cause injuries or even death. Join us for Lightning Safety Awareness Week, June 23-29, to discover essential strategies for protecting your personnel while minimizing operational downtime for a safer, more resilient workplace.

Lightning risks for the wind energy industry

Watch this on-demand webinar to see new insights from our analysis of lightning activity around 75,000 wind turbines in more than 1,500 U.S. wind farms in 2023.

  • How often does lightning strike wind turbines?

  • Where are wind farms most at risk from lightning?

  • How can the wind energy industry manage lightning risk?

Prepare for lightning season with Xweather Insight

Thunderstorms are more frequent and intense in the summer. See how to protect your personnel while minimizing downtime in this recorded demo of the Xweather Insight weather confidence platform.

  • How to set up real-time lightning alerts for your locations

  • How to get ahead of danger with lightning forecast alerts

  • Examples of alert configurations for different industries

Advancing KUBRA’s Storm Center Outage mapping solution

The industry’s leading outage mapping software visualizes weather’s impact with the Xweather radar layer.

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