Protect with Xweather Insight

Manage severe weather risks with real-time monitoring and alerts for any location.


of thunderstorms detected worldwide

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lightning location accuracy with precision network

2 billion

lightning events detected every year

Severe weather monitoring and alerts

The Xweather Insight weather confidence platform comprises a set of modules that help you solve your weather challenges. The Protect module delivers an all-in-one solution for weather risk management, real-time storm monitoring, and alert automation for all your locations worldwide.

Add locations, alerts, and users

  • Add assets and locations as points, polylines, or polygons for complete coverage.

  • Create asset-specific severe weather alerts to meet or exceed industry standards for safety and compliance.

  • Add users and create contact lists to get the right alerts to the right people at the right time.

  • Add more assets, alerts, and users as needed.

Real-time lightning alerts

Real-time alerts activate when lightning occurs near your asset. You can configure three levels of alerts (Information, Warning, and Alarm) and set a specific alert distance, clear time, and notification list for each level. Active alerts and all-clear notifications are sent automatically by email and SMS message to your notification lists.

Lightning forecast alerts, powered by Xcast

Xweather offers the unique ability to forecast lightning risk up to 60 minutes in advance. A forecast alert activates when lightning is forecast to occur near your asset. You can choose how far ahead of the forecast to activate the alert in 10-minute intervals up to 60 minutes in advance.

Lightning forecast alerts are powered by Xcast, our enhanced forecasting technology that uses data from Vaisala sensors to significantly improve short-term accuracy.

Maximize safety, minimize downtime

Improve your situational awareness and make operational decisions with confidence with automated multichannel alerts and all-clear notifications.

Real-time alerts for any location

Our high-precision lighting detection networks provide real-time coverage for every location—including oceans, mountain peaks, and other areas not covered by radar.

All-in-one solution with no capital costs

Monitor severe weather and get real-time alerts for your sites without the need to buy, install, or maintain your own lightning detection equipment.

Costs from severe weather are rising. Can you afford to leave weather to chance?

Use cases


Maximize airport safety with automated alerts and all-clear notifications while monitoring nearby lightning events in real-time to minimize downtime and delays.

Renewable energy

Improve wind farm safety and protect technicians with real-time storm tracking and automated lightning alerts. View local weather for enhanced situational awareness.


Protect construction workers from severe weather risks by monitoring local storms, lightning, wind speed, and temperature in real-time.

Prepare for lightning season with Xweather Insight

See how you can protect your personnel while minimizing operational downtime in this recorded demo of the Xweather Insight weather confidence platform. Watch now with instant access to see:

  • How to set up real-time lightning alerts for your locations

  • How to get ahead of danger with lightning forecast alerts

  • Examples of alert configurations for different industries

Start protecting your business today

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