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Xweather's cutting-edge Road Weather API now available

8.11.2023//Developer, Product, API & Mapping, Road Weather

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Get to know our groundbreaking road weather endpoint and mapping solutions.

Lee Huffman

Chief Technology Officer, AerisWeather

Synergizing advanced weather forecasting and sensor expertise, the Road Weather API offers precise, timely road weather data and a detailed understanding of road conditions: Just what you need to ensure safer journeys and enhanced performance for vehicle and fleet management systems.

Road Conditions Summary: Navigate the weather with confidence

Road travel efficiency is fraught with uncertainty when the weather comes into play. To tackle those, the Road Weather API includes a Road Conditions Summary, empowering drivers with critical information about the road conditions ahead.

It uses an intuitive color-coded system - green, yellow, red - to determine safe conditions at a glance.

Road Weather Summary in Montreal, Canada

  • Green means no significant risks – the roads are dry and pose no issues.

  • Yellow serves as a warning – drivers should be aware of potential risks such as hydroplaning due to wet roads.

  • Red signals danger – expect risks such as hydroplaning or snow and ice on the roads.

Straightforward, isn't it? Behind the scenes, it's powered by complex weather modeling and machine learning algorithms. The resulting tool delivers concise, actionable insight to improve road safety and route planning.

The best part? Road Conditions Summary is available to all Flex subscribers using the new Road Weather API.

Use Road Conditions Summary to enhance route and ETA planning, drive with confidence, and ensure safety - no matter the weather.

Comprehensive road weather data for every journey

Navigating the roads safely requires more than just understanding the current weather. It demands a detailed understanding of how weather affects road conditions.

Road Surface Conditions in Paris, France

Beyond Road Conditions Summary for Flex, the Road Conditions Add-On classifies specific road conditions like dry, wet, slushy, snowy, and icy. These inputs paint a clear picture of what to expect on your route, but the depth of our data doesn't stop there. The API also provides road surface temperature, friction estimates, and water, snow, or ice thickness via the Road Weather Analytics Add-On. This granular data helps plan routes more effectively and make better-informed decisions.

Why road weather data matters

Accurate, real-time road weather data can drastically improve road safety and driving comfort. Wet conditions, for instance, are responsible for nearly three-quarters of all weather-related road accidents. By providing data on water film thickness and friction, our API helps drivers adapt to these conditions and mitigate risk. Similarly, forecasts for snow and ice support safe navigation in colder climates, reducing the incidence of weather-related accidents. 

Integrating the Road Weather API

You can access Road Weather API through three different tiers:

  • Road Conditions Summary includes access to road conditions summary and index and is accessed via the roadweather endpoint directly from Flex subscriptions.

  • The Road Weather Conditions Add-On builds on the Road Conditions Summary with road surface condition and temperature.

  • The Road Weather Analytics Add-On provides additional insights such as water, snow, and ice thickness and risk probabilities such as hydroplaning and low visibility conditions. 

Make the most of road weather data

Tap into the most reliable and abundant data for any journey using the roadweather endpoint. Detailed endpoint information is available in our roadweather documentation.

Here's an example of querying the API:

The roadweather endpoint shines in its utility when used in conjunction with the AerisWeather API's route action. Route fetches road weather information along a predefined journey, making it perfect for in-vehicle navigation systems. You can see this powerful combination in our Road Weather Routing Demo.

Finally, the data isn't just accessible via the API, but also in MapsGL. With options for the roadSummary available for all MapsGL clients, and the road surface conditions available to all Road Weather Add-On subscribers, we provide versatile and comprehensive road weather data to meet a wide array of needs. Moreover, the road weather data is compatible with 3D views in multiple mapping libraries such as MapBox and Map Libre, offering visually engaging and interactive ways to understand road conditions.

Driving forward

Our API and Maps provide detailed responses, offering data from the road type and name to advanced road surface information and risk probabilities. It caters to various use cases, from infotainment and driver support to advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), autonomous driving (AD), vehicle systems optimization, fleet management, and more.

Now go explore its potential! Get in touch today to discover how our advanced road weather data can improve safety and efficiency for your road-based operations.

Lee Huffman

Chief Technology Officer, AerisWeather

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