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Xweather Roads

Powers road maintenance applications, unleashes the potential for assisted and autonomous driving, and makes every journey ​safer and more sustainable for logistics. ​

Creating one source of truth

Xweather Roads is a multi-sided platform that ingests data from various sources and runs it through our proprietary forecasting engines for the most comprehensive road weather forecasts and road conditions data available. Partnering with the best road maintenance organizations and automotive companies worldwide allows us to take in new and unique data sources creating a positive loop where the road condition information improves for everyone as new users join in.

Road conditions

Dash cams
Road defects and fixes
Rapid degeneration detection
Traffic signs and road markings

Atmospheric weather

Synoptic weather stations
Weather radar and precipitation
Satellite data
Global weather forecasts

Road weather

Road weather sensors
Live grip data
Road surface temperature
Snow/water layer thickness



Road weather forecast and road condition information for endless use cases





  • Road condition and weather data for ADAS and autonomous driving

  • Develop driver trust and passenger comfort

  • Weather-aware navigation

  • Improve EV range estimation


Road intelligence at your fingertips

Get frictionless access to data APIs and bring the data to life with our stunning mapping tools and widgets. Or, use our end-to-end applications to gain efficiencies in your operations.

Explore By Use Case

Powerful road weather data and mapping for developers

We've developed a feature-rich set of APIs and toolkits that enable you to easily and quickly integrate our road data into your own applications.

Road Weather API

Enhance your application’s capabilities with this cutting-edge road weather endpoint to help users make better-informed decisions and promote safer driving experiences.


MapsGL is a next-generation mapping tool that lets you integrate real-time weather data, imagery, and visualizations into your applications and custom solutions.

Solutions for road maintenance professionals

These end-to-end solutions combine all of our capabilities, providing actionable insights to make smarter road maintenance decisions.

Wx Horizon

Wx Horizon is a road weather solution designed for winter maintenance professionals. It uses local sensors to generate enhanced road weather forecasts for your local roads. Now communities can easily and affordably access information previously only available to DoTs.


RoadAI generates detailed assessments of your road conditions and collects asset inventories using computer vision. It captures high-quality video data and runs fully-automated cloud-based analysis and reports all of the defects, fixes, and road assets up to 4x faster and at half the cost of a manual road survey.

Vaisala Cast Sensors

We provide wireless and battery powered road sensors that are specifically designed to improve local road weather forecasts. They use the same Vaisala measurement technologies that the top meteorological organizations and departments of transportation trust worldwide. With everything built in, they are ready to be activated out of the box with integrated cellular connectivity.

Our Experience


Building on over 85 years of experience in the weather domain and over 20 years in road weather forecasting.



Over 1,500 customers use our solutions or integrate our weather data into their own products and services.


10 million

Over 10 million users use and trust our solutions worldwide.

Ground-truth validated forecasts

Our road weather data is under constant scrutiny by Xweather science teams and our customers. We continuously improve our proprietary forecasting models by validating the data against ground-truth measurements from road weather sensors and stations.

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