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Analyze road defects and create asset inventories four times faster & at half the cost

Install the app. Drive around your road network. RoadAI will take care of the rest.

RoadAI combines powerful Artificial Intelligence capabilities, high-quality video data, and reliable methodology to quickly and accurately assess pavement surface conditions up to four times faster and at half the price of a manual road survey.

// Data + Mapping

Continuously assess your road network.

RoadAI provides the tools and data you need to make effective decisions.

Network overview

Up-to-date data of your whole road network with video you can refer back to at any time.

Data collection

Collect data whenever and whereever you want, in any car.

Efficient analysis

Fast, objective, and transparent analysis with same-day delivery of results.

Now, inspectors can quickly create thorough, accurate reports about pavement conditions using just a mobile smart phone to support strategic monitoring and decision-making about asset management.

Reactive maintenance

Planned maintenance

Network inventory




"The biggest thing that RoadAI has helped me with is to be able to show legislators, my employees, members of the public a rational plan for maintaining the highways. And that data has been invaluable."

Timothy Hunt

Highway Superintendent

Lewis County, New York, USA

// Artificial Intelligence

Improve road asset management with artificial intelligence.

RoadAI combines user-friendly AI software, high-quality video data, and fully-automated cloud-based analysis to quickly and accurately assess pavement conditions up to 4x faster and at half the cost of a manual road survey.

// Fast + accurate

Reliable detection of a wide range of defects and asset

Powered by computer vision, RoadAI detects multiple defects, fixes, and road assets. Work with asset-specific data or overall pavement condition ratings.

Defect detection

  • Cracking: Alligator, longitudinal, transverse, and wheel track

  • Potholes: Minor, moderate, and severe

  • Fretting: Moderate and severe

  • Other Defects: Settlement, edge deterioration, bleeding

Fix detection

  • Patching: Area and spot

  • Crack Sealing: Longitudinal and transverse

Asset detection

  • Traffic Signs: Prohibitory, indication, mandatory, and regulatory

  • Line Markings: Longitudinal

  • Surface Markings: Stop, yield, speed limit, and others

  • Other Assets: Guard rails, street lights, manholes, and gullies

Complete data transparency.

View your data in an interactive display and integrate it with your asset management tools using our data exports and developer-friendly API.

Computer vision labels

Road condition heat maps

Multiple asset layers

Data reports + exports

Annotations + road asset pins

Video playback

Computer vision labels

Road condition heat maps

Multiple asset layers

Data reports + exports

Annotations + road asset pins

Video playback

Want to try RoadAI on your own road network?

Book a demo to download RoadAI on your phone, or have a smartphone sent to you.

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