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Weather impacts and asset management

4.12.2022//Developer, Tutorials, Emergency Management

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Lee Huffman

Chief Technology Officer, AerisWeather

Asset management can take many forms, whether the asset is an employee, client, facility, or goods in transit. Weather plays a significant role when ensuring the safety, scheduling, and planning of these assets. 

Vaisala Xweather offers industry-leading tools to assist with asset management, including the Xweather APIraster maps, and various SDKs. Using a combination of our services provides the best insight into how the weather may impact your assets. 

Our Interactive Map Application includes weather impacts as a standard feature to display the current weather impacts affecting a location, facility, or asset. 

What are weather impacts?

The definition of an impact is to have a substantial effect on someone or something - so a weather impact is when one or more weather elements, such as rain, snow, wind, and tornados, affect someone or something. 

Information on these weather elements is available via the Xweather API. However, we provide a graphical representation of how different weather elements may impact a location or asset within our interactive maps. These impacts provide insight into how snow, ice, rain, wind, and lightning affect an asset's location now and in the short term.

Weather impacts example

How to implement weather impacts

Impacts are available in the default Weather infobox displayed when clicking on the interactive map within the Interactive Map App. You can test this within our aviation demo by clicking on the map — the impacts will display in the weather infobox. 

Aviation demo with severe weather impacts

To integrate an interactive map with weather impacts, utilize one of our many examples or use our Interactive Map App Wizard to create a map with the options that fit your requirements. We created the following example snippet that displays any active alerts, threats, and impacts when clicking on the interactive map via the wizard

Note: Remember to replace CLIENT_ID and CLIENT_KEY with your application's ID and key.

To visualize the impact on assets, check out our facilities demo. With this integration, the weather impacts are available when selecting a facility.

Facilities impacts examples

Custom weather impacts

The JavaScript SDK currently provides standard weather impacts based on defined rules. While these rules work across many use cases, they can be customized to fit the requirements of your asset. For example, if your asset is a tractor-trailer, you may wish to add a wind gust impact. 

Check out our interactive maps with weather impacts and get started building with a free 30-day API and mapping trial today!

Lee Huffman

Chief Technology Officer, AerisWeather



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