Use Cases




Smart Home

Weather integrations for today's connected homes.

IoT device integrations

Homeowners have a growing list of smart devices for their homes. These devices can benefit from weather integration - think smart irrigation controllers, speakers, air purifiers, security systems, shades, and even fridge displays.

A growing trend amongst manufacturers is the advanced option of allowing homeowners to connect to their personal weather station via our PWSWeather solution. This functionality delivers a true hyper-local set of local observations.

Popular Endpoints

Energy management

One commonality amongst nearly all homes is weather’s effect on energy consumption - both electricity and natural gas. HVAC manufacturers and smart thermostat engineers commonly include weather observations and forecasts in their displays and mobile apps.

A subset takes it further and leverages historical weather data in their machine learning applications to optimize future energy consumption using weather forecasts.


Severe weather alerting

Whether it's wall-mounted displays, smart speakers, or mobile applications, quickly notify homeowners when rain, snow, lightning, tornadoes, hail, or even floods or wildfires are approaching. These notifications give homeowners ample time to move family, pets, and property away from danger.

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