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Road Weather

Improve safety, comfort, and convenience with reliable road weather forecasts for the journey ahead.

Reliable road weather data for all seasons.

We help drivers and autonomous vehicles make better decisions for every journey. The Xweather Road Weather API provides comprehensive road condition classifications (dry, wet, slush, snow, and ice) as well as surface temperature, friction estimates, and water/snow/ice thickness. It is easy to integrate road weather data into your vehicle infotainment and navigation systems with our Road Weather API.


Wet conditions account for nearly three-quarters of all weather-related road accidents. Even a small amount of water on the road reduces grip, and the risk of aquaplaning increases rapidly with heavy rainfall.

  • Identify dry and wet road conditions
  • Water film thickness
  • Friction estimates


Snow is a common winter road hazard causing 17% of weather-related accidents in northern parts of Europe and North America. Unlike water, snow can be present on the road for long periods.

  • Identify snow and slush road conditions
  • Snow depth
  • Friction estimates


Ice typically forms on roads when low temperatures turn morning dew into frost or freeze standing water on the pavement. Although ice is less common on roads than water and snow, it is far more dangerous for drivers.

  • Identify icy road conditions
  • Ice thickness
  • Friction estimates


Presented by Vaisala and NNG

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Road weather forecasts for the most demanding use cases

Infotainment and driver support

Road weather data improves driver safety with timely hazard warnings and enhances other vehicle systems such as navigation and EV range calculation.


Road weather supports advanced driver assistance (ADAS) and autonomous driving (AD) systems with data on the current and upcoming road surface state.

Vehicle systems

Accurate road weather data helps you optimize systems performance to manage the impact of changing environmental conditions on the vehicle.

Fleet management

Timely, relevant road weather data helps fleet operators keep drivers and vehicles safe while maintaining operational efficiency.

Delivery and logistics

Improve route planning and timing with weather-aware navigation, and protect drivers with predictive warnings of upcoming road weather hazards.

Research and simulation

Our comprehensive, real-world data supports the development of advanced driving technology and customer-facing road weather products.

Automotive + Transportation

Water, snow, and ice depth in millimeter level detail.

Environmental Multi-factor Approach

Sophisticated physical modeling

The Xweather Road Weather API is powered by advanced physical modeling, high-quality data sources, and machine learning that predicts how environmental conditions and other physical factors will affect the pavement. Precipitation, solar radiation, traffic, maintenance activities, and the physical attributes of the road all play a significant role. Our Road Weather API combines multiple inputs with machine learning to produce an accurate nowcast for the current road segment and the road ahead.

Atmospheric weather

Solar radiation


Winter maintenance

Artificial structures

Urban heat islands


Large bodies of water


Data You Can Trust

Ground-truth validated data

Accurate, reliable road weather information makes journeys safer and more comfortable for drivers and passengers. We continuously improve our forecasts by validating our data against ground truth measurements from road weather stations and mobile sensors.

Our solutions are the product of 85+ years of sensor development experience and more than 20 years of road weather forecasting. We work with top-tier vehicle manufacturers and automotive tech companies worldwide to improve driver safety, comfort, and convenience.

Road Weather - Data validation

Millions of kilometers of road in three continents.

The Xweather Road Weather API covers millions of kilometers of road in North America, Europe, and Japan. We model primary and secondary roads separately to reflect the effects of different road surfaces, traffic levels, and maintenance priorities. Bridges are also modeled separately to account for the free flow of air beneath the road surface.




Real-time information about upcoming hazards

See how Bosch and Vaisala Xweather are making driving safer and more comfortable. Bosch’s road conditions service provides real-time information about upcoming road hazards before the vehicle is in a critical situation.


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