Supported Places

Supported Places

When calling a weather API endpoint, normally a place/location is provided. The following are the supported place formats that can be passed, normally to the p parameter or used as the :id. All endpoints will allow the following formats, unless specified in the individual endpoint documentation.

Based on the alert zones provided by MeteoAlarm (opens in a new tab).

Latitude, longitude coordinate
Can only be passed via the p parameter
City, State
States/provinces supported for US, Canada & China. If conflicting state/province abbreviations among countries, US is assumed.
seattle,wa, seattle,washington, new+york,ny, new+york,new+york, toronto,on, toronto,ontario, guangzhou,gd, guangzhou,guangdong
City, State, Country
States/provinces supported for US, Canada & China.
seattle,wa,us, seattle,washington,us, toronto,on,ca, toronto,ontario,ca, toronto,ontario,canada, guangzhou,gd, guangzhou,gd,cn, guangzhou,gd,china, guangzhou,guangdong,china
City, Countryparis,fr, paris,france, tokyo,japan
Zip/Postal code
US and Canada only.
98109, 55415, M3C 4H9, M3C4H9
3 Char IATA
Aiport Codes
State-country IDWAC033
FIPS codefips:53033
NOAA public weather zoneMNZ029, zone:MNZ029
Canadian location code
more info (opens in a new tab)
CLC-049930, CLC-099220
European alert zonezone:FR052
PWS station
Precede your station id with PWS_
PWS_3183437707, PWS_VILLONWMR2
User IP
API uses the requesting IP address to determine the location. Can only be passed via the p parameter.