Moon Phases

Moon Phases

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The moon phases endpoint is an extension of the /sunmoon endpoint and provides easy access to moon phase calendar information, such as the next full, new, and quarter moon phases. This endpoint allows the receipt of up to one month of information per request.


Every request to the endpoint must include one of the supported actions in the url.{action}?client_id={client_id}&client_secret={client_secret}&{params}

Supported Actions

The following actions are supported with the /sunmoon/moonphases endpoint:

:idType: stringTypically used for passing a geographical location name or identifier such as city name, lat/long, or even US and Canadian postal codes. Learn more.
searchType: stringA generalized action that is determined with the endpoints query parameters. Learn more.
containsType: stringUsed with polygon based products (convective outlook, drought monitor, etc.) to determine if the queried location is inside of an impacted area. Learn more.


The following is an example of what each object in the response will consist of. Depending on your requested action, the response may contain multiple instances of this object within an array.


timestamp (number)

UNIX timestamp of the exact time of the moon phase.

dateTimeISO (string)

Time of the moon phase in ISO 8601 format.

code (number)

Numeric representation of the moon phase:
- 0 = new moon
- 1 = first quarter moon
- 2 = full moon
- 3 = third quarter moon

name (string)

The moon phase full name. Possibly phrases include:
- new moon
- first quarter
- full moon
- third quarter

    "timestamp": 1703011228,
    "dateTimeISO": "2023-12-19T12:40:28-06:00",
    "code": 1,
    "name": "first quarter"