Data layer types

Data Layer Types

The following data layer types are currently supported within the AerisWeather Maps component of the SDK and are used with AerisMapView instances.

Refer to the Xweather Raster Maps layers (opens in a new tab) documentation for more information about our image and tile overlays.

Layer TypeNameDescription
Aeris.NoneNo overlay.
AerisTile.RADARPrecipitation-type RadarDisplays the precipitation type radar overlay that differentiates between rain, snow and a rain/snow/ice mix.
AerisTile.SAT_INFRAREDInfrared SatelliteDisplays the black-and-white infrared satellite overlay for the US.
AerisTile.SAT_VISIBLEVisible SatelliteDisplays the visible satellite overlay for the US. Since this is based on the visible satellite data, this imagery will not contain imagery at all times of the day (mainly daytime hours).
AerisTile.SAT_GLOBAL_INFRAREDInfrared Satellite (Global)Displays the black-and-white infrared satellite overlay for the world.
AerisTile.ADVISORIESAdvisoriesDisplays currently active weather advisories, watches and warnings. Review the full advisory type listing for the colors associated with each advisory on the overlay.
AerisTile.ADVISORIES_SVAdvisories SevereDisplays currently active severe weather areas. Review the full advisory type listing for the colors associated with each advisory on the overlay.
AerisTile.SNOW_DEPTHSnow DepthDisplays the current snow depth observed on the ground.
AerisTile.CURRENT_TEMPTemperaturesDisplays the current temperature gradient.
AerisTile.CURRENT_WINDSWindsDisplays the current wind speeds as a gradient and wind direction as vectors.
AerisTile.CURRENT_DEWPOINTDew PointDisplays the current dew point temperature gradient.
AerisTile.CURRENT_HUMIDITYRelative HumidityDisplays the current relative humidity gradient.
AerisTile.CURRENT_WINDCHILLWind ChillDisplays the current wind chill gradient. The gradient only displays values 50 degrees F and lower.
AerisTile.CURRENT_HEATINDEXHeat IndexDisplays the current heat index gradient. The gradient only displays values 80 degrees F and above.
AerisTile.CURRENT_SEA_SURFACE_TEMPSSea Surface TempsDisplays the latest global sea surface temperatures.
AerisTile.CURRENT_CHLOROPHYLLChlorophyllDisplays the latest chlorophyll concentrations.
AerisTile.RADSATRadar + SatelliteCombines the precipitation-type radar and infrared satellite imagery into a single tile image.
AerisTile.RADALERTSRadar + AdvisoriesCombines the preciptiation-type radar and advisory imagery into a single tile image.
AerisPointData.STORM_CELLSStorm CellsDisplays storm cells as points along with their projected forecast paths.
AerisPointData.STORM_REPORTSStorm ReportsDisplays severe storm reports according to their type.
AerisPointData.FIREWildfiresDisplays currently active wildfires.
AerisPointData.EARTHQUAKESEarthquakesDisplays recently recorded earthquakes and magnitude worldwide.
AerisPointData.LIGHTNING_STRIKESLightningDisplays the latest lightning strikes, color-coded based on their age.
AerisPointData.RIVERSRiversDisplays the latest river stage information, color-coded based on their status.
AerisPointData.WARNINGSWarningsDisplays short-fuse warning polygons, such as severe thunderstorm and tornado warnings.

Advisory Types + Colors

Due to the high number of different advisory types offered, the weather map will not display a legend for the Advisories data layer. However, you may wish to display a legend for the more important/critical advisory types within your own application. Refer to the listing of potential advisories (opens in a new tab) that can be displayed and their corresponding color on the Advisories overlay for more information.