Digital Marketing

Weather data offers marketers a differentiating data source as they optimize ad spend and generate traffic.

Drive traffic

Savvy marketers have discovered that weather content - both dynamic data and compelling imagery - generates some of the best stats in terms of website traffic & mobile app engagement. That traffic and engagement leads to higher ad rates and revenue. AerisWeather’s API and Mapping products generate dynamic and visually stunning content that will keep your customer base engaged and returning often.


Dynamic advertising

In a world of digital advertising, weather data can help you break through the clutter and resonate with your target audience. Current conditions and forecasts allow you to reach customers when it’s most meaningful with content that engages and drives action. Some industry leaders even use weather data to define ad content on the fly - imagine a new car climbing a snowy mountain road vs. a rain-soaked city pavement.

Popular Endpoints

Customer experience

Marketing teams can influence and orchestrate customer experiences across a variety of platforms. Touchpoint examples range from call center and CRM software that reflects the weather at a customer's location to the lobby and retail locations where weather conditions, forecasts, and radar are presented on digital screens. Connecting with customers and showing empathy is a clear path to growth and high customer satisfaction scores.

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