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Bring weather to life in your mobile and web consumer applications.

// Dynamic Content

Consumer engagement

Two key metrics for nearly all consumer app developers are Daily Active Users and Average Session Length. As a result, many product owners have discovered that no content is more dynamic or compelling than weather data and imagery. AerisWeather's API and Mapping products generate dynamic and visually stunning content that will keep your customer base engaged and returning often.


// Highlighted Industry Segment

Outdoor recreational apps

The pandemic has inspired consumers to head outdoors. Mobile app developers have responded with new mobile and web applications to support activities such as hiking, running, fishing, hunting, golfing, boating, camping, and skiing.

Whether ad-based or subscription business models, weather features have proven to be critical for this cohort as their audience is exposed to environmental conditions. That sensitivity generates real stickiness for app developers - often allowing them to introduce tiered pricing options driven by weather features.

Popular Endpoints

// Developer-Friendly Tools

Integrations made easy

By developers, for developers has been our mindset since day one, and it's reflected in the resources we've developed and made available to our customers. Add in our industry-best documentation and direct access to our Customer Success Team, and you can rest assured knowing we'll exceed the expectations of your engineering team or software development partner.

Developer SDKs + Toolkits

We offer feature-rich software development kits (SDKs) for both mobile (iOS and Android) and web (Javascript) for easy integration of our data and services.

Partner Integrations

Easily get the data you need, when and where you need it, with integration-partner-as-a-software (IPaaS) solutions such as Zapier, as well as a suite of Python tools designed to access our API data.


Even those with little to no coding experience can get started quickly by using our collection of product wizards, allowing you to effortlessly get the weather data and imagery you need.

import urllib
import json
request = urllib.request.urlopen(',mn?client_id=[CLIENT_ID]&client_secret=[CLIENT_SECRET]')
response =
json = json.loads(response)

if json['success']:
    ob = json['response']['ob'];
    print("The current weather in Seattle is %s with a temperature of %d" % (ob['weather'].lower(), ob['tempF']))
    print("An error occurred: %s" % (json['error']['description']))

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