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Weather data and visuals for architecture and construction

Lightning and severe weather data for the planning, assessment, specification, construction, and maintenance of the built environment.

Common weather data applications for building and design

Site assessment and design

Leveraging historical weather data in the site assessment and building design phase informs whether a zone is safe to build in and what structural accommodations — such as grounding, surge, and lightning protection systems — can make it even safer. Historical lightning strike, flood, wildfire, hail, and earthquake datasets each important considerations — and the Xweather API provides access to all of them.

Learn more about lightning protection systems from the Lightning Protection Institute.

Lightning and severe weather monitoring and alerting

The difference between a safe construction site and a dangerous one can be as simple as having effective weather alerting and monitoring systems in place. Ensure site safety for construction sites while minimizing downtime with automated real-time lightning alerts, lightning risk forecasts, and all-clear notifications with our all-in-one monitoring and alert automation solution platform,  Xweather Insight.

Building maintenance and insurance claims

Take the guesswork out of building maintenance and insurance claims handling: Accurate historical and forecasted weather data allows for the proactive protection of assets with minimal downtime or disruption and streamlines the claims process in the event of weather-related incidents.

There were 2,101,170,206 lightning events in 2023

We can tell you when and where every single one occurred.

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