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The Annual Lightning Report

Total Lightning Statistics for 2023

Dramatic. Destructive. Disruptive.

Now in its seventh year, the Vaisala Xweather annual lightning report looks at the impact of nature’s most extreme weather phenomenon.

By August 2023, the United States had already smashed the record for the highest number of billion-dollar weather disasters in a year. By year-end, 19 of the 25 events with losses exceeding $1 billion were attributed to severe storms.

The 2023 report examines the risk of lightning for the wind energy sector with a first-of-its-kind analysis that reveals the most lightning-prone wind farms in the United States.

Lightning triggers wildfires, disrupts power, impacts businesses, and is a significant hazard to life and property. In another new analysis, we present the top 20 metropolitan areas in the United States where thunderstorms are most likely to disrupt daily life.

2023 was also the hottest year on record, but the connection between rising temperatures and lightning is complex. Our detailed lightning density maps show how lightning activity in 2023 compares with the previous six-year average.

We also look at lightning activity around famously tall buildings, rank U.S. states by lightning activity, and highlight the top 5 dates for lightning in 2023.


"Thunderstorms were the costliest natural catastrophe in the United States in 2023. In addition to the financial impact, severe weather can be life-threatening. Lightning triggers wildfires, disrupts power, impacts businesses, and poses a significant hazard to life and property, especially without the right safety measures in place.”

Samuli Hänninen

Head of Vaisala Xweather


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Vaisala is the global leader in end-to-end lightning solutions that enable safe and efficient operations.

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The Xweather lightning API provides best-in-class lightning data to developers, product managers, and data scientists. With easy integration, advanced geospatial capabilities, and industry-leading support, our lightning API is ready to power your applications today.

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The Xweather Insight weather confidence platform delivers an all-in-one solution for weather risk management, real-time storm monitoring, and automated lightning alerts to protect your people, property, and assets in every location worldwide.

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Vaisala reference-grade lightning detection sensors provide real-time range and direction data with superior detection efficiency and optimal location accuracy for both cloud lightning pulses and cloud-to-ground lightning strokes.


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