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The Annual Lightning Report

Total Lightning Statistics for 2022




See why 2022 was a year of extremes

From record-breaking volcanic eruptions to snowstorms, hurricanes, and drought — 2022 was a year of extremes for lightning. Our annual report highlights and explains the most remarkable lightning events and trends of the year with comprehensive rankings, charts, and maps of lightning activity in 2022.

"Lightning can start wildfires, cause power outages, and damage infrastructure. Monitoring lightning in real-time and analyzing long-term trends is essential for protecting life and property and understanding changes to our climate."

Chris Vagasky



// End-to-end solutions

Real-time lightning detection and data

Vaisala is the trusted leader for end-to-end lightning solutions enabling you to operate efficiently and safely.

Lightning API

The Xweather lightning API meets the demands of developers, product managers, and data scientists across industries with access to our best-in-class lightning data. 

With easy integration, advanced geospatial capabilities, and industry-leading support, our lightning API for developers is ready to power your weather-influenced applications and solutions today.

Storm monitoring software

Xweather Thunderstorm Manager provides real-time storm monitoring and automated alerts at global, national, regional, and local scales, without needing to purchase or maintain your own lightning detection equipment. Cloud-based convenience and an intuitive, browser-based interface let you monitor lightning threats and alerts from any computer or mobile device. 

Lightning detection sensors

Vaisala reference-grade lightning detection sensors provide real-time range and direction data with superior detection efficiency and optimal location accuracy for both cloud lightning pulses and cloud-to-ground lightning strokes.


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