The best weather API of 2024: Why Xweather leads the pack


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Turn the challenge of weather - the ultimate X-factor - into an advantage.

Kasia Fahey

Communications Technologist

As AI and machine learning reshape society and business as we know it, data - now more than ever - has become a lifeline in decision-making and strategy. Xweather's enhanced data analytics and mapping offerings make it one of the most powerful tools available to businesses that leverage climate data. Here's why businesses and governments around the world depend on Xweather:

Unmatched accuracy

Xweather consistently ranks as one of the most accurate weather APIs available, as evidenced by its consistently top ratings from ForecastWatch. This precision is crucial for businesses that depend on weather data for critical decision-making.

Performance and reliability

Reliability is a cornerstone of Xweather’s service, ensuring that businesses can always access the information they need when they need it. Our business is committed to delivering uninterrupted service and optimal performance.

Unique and proprietary data

Xweather goes beyond standard weather forecasts by offering unique datasets, including solar and wind energy forecasts, road weather conditions, and global air quality. This breadth of data is not only unique but also incredibly valuable for industries ranging from renewable energy to transportation.


As part of Vaisala, Xweather has access to global lightning data from the world's most advanced lightning sensor networks - GLD360 and NLDN. Trusted by governments and the world's largest airlines, this data is available exclusively through Xweather.

Comprehensive support

Xweather prides itself on its robust documentation and expert support team. They are committed to assisting clients in every step of their technical development, ensuring seamless integration and utilization of the API.

Xweather’s commitment to providing high-quality, accurate forecasts and its support for commercial applications make it the best enterprise weather API for businesses and governments. With its unique datasets, high uptime, and dedicated support, Xweather is an indispensable tool for any serious enterprise looking to leverage weather data for advanced applications.

Kasia Fahey

Communications Technologist

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