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Explore with Xweather Insight

Intuitive visualization of current and forecasted weather and environmental conditions for improved situational awareness and decision-making.


configurable map layers


forecast with an animated timeline


AI summary for any location

Advanced weather intelligence for everyone

The Xweather Insight weather confidence platform comprises a set of modules that help you solve your weather challenges. The Explore module gives you easy access to over 40 weather and climate parameters brought to life on an interactive map that can be configured for any weather-sensitive business. Don’t leave weather to chance—improve your situational awareness and make operational decisions with confidence by seeing how developing weather conditions will affect your operations.

See what’s coming up to 15 days ahead

See the current conditions and forecast for over 40 different map layers including radar, temperature, wind, precipitation, heat index, air quality, severe weather, lightning, forest fires, and more. When time won’t wait, one-click weather summaries powered by AI provide instant insights for any location. Configure your view with options for each map layer and a choice of light and dark map modes.

Animated timeline

Intuitive animated timeline of current and forecasted conditions for monitoring developing weather patterns up to 15 days ahead.

Global coverage

Identify emerging threats with fast, responsive visualization of wide-ranging events such as tropical cyclones, derechos, and mesoscale convective systems.

Impressive at any scale

High-quality, vector-based mapping delivers fast performance, seamless animations, and razor-sharp detail at any scale.

High-performance API

Get the precise weather data you need, precisely when you need it by integrating forecasts into your systems and applications with our high-performance API. Forecasts are generated at the time of the API query resulting in fresh, hyperlocal forecasts for the exact location requested. Our API caters to high-volume applications, delivering hundreds of millions of forecasts annually without compromising on performance.

Bring timely weather insights into your operational decision making

Weather intelligence for everyone

Xweather Insight makes accurate weather information and forecasts available to everyone so you can plan ahead and make operational decisions with confidence.

Comprehensive flexibility

Make informed decisions by selecting the weather parameters that impact your operations and configure your view with data that drives your business forward.

Instant insights

When time won’t wait, the Explore module delivers an AI-powered one-click summary of the current and forecasted weather conditions for any location.

Use cases

Renewable energy

Visualize weather conditions affecting the energy production and efficiency of wind farms and solar PV projects.

Urban weather resilience

Improve city management and protect communities by monitoring air quality, heat index, precipitation, severe weather, tropical cyclones, and more.

Port operations

Provide port stakeholders with regular summaries of current and forecasted weather conditions for informed operational decision-making.

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