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Wx Horizon

The easiest way to make data-driven winter maintenance decisions.






Make your winter maintenance decisions with precision.

// Quality hardware

Data-driven decision making.

Atmospheric weather forecasts are useful. Targeted pavement forecasts are good. Ground truth observations are better. 

Targeted pavement forecasts enhanced by ground truth observations and atmospheric forecasts are best.

// Customer benefits

All the information you need, in one place.

Wx Horizon brings you pavement weather forecasts enhanced by integrated sensor measurements, radar, and alerts - all from one highly-accurate supplier. Get actionable road condition information at a price you can afford.

No more guessing.

Get the definitive state of your road network. With Wx Horizon, you no longer need to rely on incomplete or questionable information from unverified sources. Wx Horizon Pro with Vaisala Cast™ sensing delivers high-quality data, giving you the ground truth to make decisions with confidence.

Be prepared.

Radar, pavement, and atmospheric forecasts identify where and when hazards will occur on your network well in advance, to help you prepare.

An extra pair of eyes on the road.

Wx Horizon’s built-in alert notifications provide reassurance that you will not won’t miss a thing, so you can focus on the most important tasks.

Manage your winter budget effectively.

An affordable subscription service means no large up-front investments with low predictable expenses.

Reduce your environmental impact.

GroundCast, our state-of-the-art pavement surface monitoring device, delivers residual salt data, which means you use the optimal amount of treatment - no more, no less.

Easy, no maintenance installation.

Setting up the network is quick and easy with a wireless design and built-in cloud connectivity. No need to worry about power: Cast Sensors have minimum 3-year battery life.

// Unrivaled accuracy

Powered by GroundCast

GroundCast measures road surface temperature and the amount of residual treatment material. With no need for power or other infrastructure, you can install it virtually anywhere with Narrowband (NB) IoT connectivity.

Redefine the accuracy of pavement forecasts with Vaisala Cast™ Sensors.

Proven weather sensing technology trusted by meteorological services and departments of transportation worldwide is now more accessible than ever. GroundCast and TempCast provide key road weather observations and enhance your pavement forecast.

Setting up Wx Horizon Pro with Cast sensing is easy.

How it works

Getting started with Wx Horizon is as easy as 1-2-3.  Sign up for Wx Horizon Pro, select your virtual road weather forecast points, and install your Cast devices, and you're ready to start making data-driven decisions.

Sign up for Wx Horizon

Choose your virtual road weather forecast points. These are the points on your network where more data would benefit decision-making, but you may not be ready to install sensors.

Install sensors

Install your GroundCast sensors at locations that matter most to you. Choose locations that are representative of the surrounding area and where weather events are challenging to manage. Your sensors feature a wireless design, built-in cloud connectivity, and at least 3 years battery, so you’re ready for the worst the winter throws your way.

Onboard + observe

When first signing in to your Wx Horizon account after install, you will quickly be onboarded to complete a brief onboarding. Once completed, your dashboard will begin to populate with observations and integrated forecast data from each of your Cast locations. Now you’re are ready to start making data-driven decisions.

"We get almost 50 inches of snow plus thawing every winter, and that creates hazardous driving conditions. Vaisala's insight and onboard tools let us target treatments faster and meet our levels of service."

Larry Schneider

Director of Transportation Operations

City of Fort Collins, CO


Find a plan that works for your business.

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Looking to get proactive? Get the ground truth. You choose which points we measure. Enhance your forecasts with high-quality IoT sensor measurements & alert notifications.



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