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Wx Horizon is a road weather subscription service that delivers road weather forecasts enhanced by observations, radar, and alerts. 

The Wx Horizon Free Trial lets you experience all the features of Wx Horizon Pro, except for IoT sensors, which enhance forecasts with data collected from your own roads. You can purchase these sensors anytime before, during, or after your trial. 

Numbers are limited, so sign up today and start your trial when winter starts.

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Wx Horizon features we think you'll love

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5 Road Weather Forecast points

Choose 5 points in your road network (Trouble spots, bridge decks, important intersections, etc.) at which you would like to receive 72 hour road weather forecasts.

Road Weather Forecasts

See the forecasted condition of your road surfaces — snow depth, ice depth, tire grip, surface state (wet, dry, frost, snow, ice), etc.

Alert notifications

Wx Horizon’s built-in alert notifications by SMS, email and voice message provide reassurance that you will not won’t miss a thing, so you can focus on the most important tasks.

10 day weather forecast, plus forecast radar and satellite

All of the features of other weather apps, plus the power of Wx Horizon — all in one place.

National Weather Hazards

Stay up-to-date and prepared to respond with the latest National Weather Hazards integrated right into your map.