Use Cases




Travel and hospitality

Gain a competitive advantage by leveraging weather data and mapping to enhance guest experience with a heightened sense of security and situational awareness.

Weather-aware advertising

Travel and hospitality companies take advantage of dynamic weather-triggered digital advertising more than any other industry. Integrate the Xweather API with Google Ads or the advertising platform of your choice to leverage automated bidding, start/end dates, or specific content based on current or forecasted weather conditions.

Asset and operations management

Prepare for severe conditions and optimize operational efficiencies before they impact your business: Weather awareness makes it easy to allocate staff, resources, and assets based on seasonal and weather-correlated trends, saving your business money and enabling your staff to be ready for whatever Mother Nature throws at you.

Digital signage and concierge services

Weather forecasts go beyond temperatures and rain. Delight patrons with 15-day forecasts to help them prepare for and optimize their trips with UV index forecasts, bee activity, the best beach or hiking days, or the days to plan on indoor activities due to intense storms or poor air quality.

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