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Historical wind and solar resource data

Weather is the fuel of your renewable energy project and Xweather makes it easy to to access the world’s most complete historical wind and solar dataset.

High-quality historical data for informed decisions.

Xweather Historian for wind and solar energy gives asset owners, developers, and project managers access to long-term historical wind and solar data to drive decisions, create valuable comparison reports, and analyze output year over year.

Popular Features

  • Web-based display

  • Multi-dataset analysis

  • Data download

  • Updated monthly

Historical data and insights to drive decisions and streamline operations.

Localized data, analyses, and maps provide asset owners, project managers, and project developers the tools they need to drive decisions, create valuable comparison reports, and analyze output year over year.

Time series tools

Provides access to high-quality wind and solar datasets to minimize investment risk and improve energy output estimates for exact locations across the globe.

Prospecting maps

Comprehensive wind and solar maps that cover individual projects to entire countries in easy to use GIS data layers.

Solar climate variable analysis (CVA)

Detailed analysis of solar resources at a project location that combine customer observations with long-term modeling.

Solar performance reconciliation

Updated solar irradiance and weather data at a single location or across your entire portfolio to ensure you are operating at optimal levels.

Maximize output, minimize risk, and make better decisions.

Xweather Historian provides historical data based on more than two decades of satellite imagery, global weather data, and modeling advancements in an easy-to-navigate graphical user interface.

Targeted navigation

Wherever your project may be, Vaisala makes decades worth of data and advanced science easy to access.

Instant access

The data you need to build an accurate baseline or perform in depth analyses can be downloaded and delivered instantly.

Xweather science, in your hands.

Xweather’s high-quality historical data is based on decades of data curated by our expert renewable energy science staff. The data is supported not only by science but hundreds of customers and experts worldwide.

Global coverage

Quickly and effectively analyze historical conditions anywhere on the globe.

Easy navigation

With simple point and click map layers, comprehensive and bankable data is easily accessible.

High-resolution data

Renewable energy and complex terrain go hand in hand. Our historical data is available at horizontal resolutions down to 90m and offered for a variety hub-heights.

Multiple dataset analysis

Compare up to five different models for any site through a dashboard that enables side-by-side analysis of long term trends.

Always updating

We update our historical record monthly to keep up with every changing climate conditions.

Industry knowledge

We understand how energy is produced, moved, and traded. This allows us to develop products that are meaningful beyond weather.

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