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Forecaster for Renewable Energy

Weather is the fuel of your renewable energy project and Xweather makes it easy to access the world’s leading wind and solar energy forecast technologies.

Unrivaled accuracy

Industry-leading weather forecast data

Xweather Forecaster for wind and solar energy combines cutting-edge modeling, robust data science, and supercomputing to provide exceptionally accurate energy forecasts that help you effectively manage investments, reduce risk, and gain a competitive edge in the energy market.

Popular Features

  • Web-based display
  • Multi-model view
  • Hour-, day-, and week-ahead forecast
  • Verification tools
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Renewable energy forecasting

Weather is the fuel for renewable energy. That’s why accurate weather forecasts are essential to asset owners, project managers, energy traders, and power schedulers. You need weather intelligence to schedule, buy, and sell with confidence, which requires forecasts not only for individual wind and solar projects but across vast geographic regions too.

The Situational Awareness tool forecasts the key weather parameters for renewable energy globally and provides an intuitive, map-based visualization of renewable energy production across the major electricity trading markets in the United States and parts of Canada. You can look ahead with an animated six-day forecast or review previous forecasts from up to 60 hours in the past.

Wind and solar forecasting

See wind speed and direction at 100 meters above ground level for wind projects and global horizontal irradiance (GHI) at ground level for solar projects. Other layers include cloud cover, atmospheric pressure, precipitation rate and type, snow depth, and air temperature at 2 m.

Energy production forecasting

Small circles mark the location of energy projects on the map. The color indicates the project’s estimated energy output as a percentage of its nameplate capacity. Moving your mouse over a project reveals more details.

Data + tools

Reliable customized forecasts and planning tools

Site-specific and regional forecasting and planning tools provide asset owners, project managers, energy traders, and schedulers superior information to make confident, data-driven decisions.

Wind energy forecasting

Accurate wind power generation forecasts that combine the actual operating characteristics of each project and the most advanced weather forecasts available.

Solar energy forecasting

Accurate solar power generation forecasts that combine a solar project’s unique envrionmental considerations with the superior irradiance forecasts.

Energy budget outlook tool

Combining our full suite of digital renewable energy technology to help you understand the degree to which past departures from expected performance were due to weather variability.

Superior modeling

Customized forecasts for profitable decisions

Xweather Forecaster provides data in a customizable graphical user interface that includes power and weather forecasts, accurate and reliable prediction intervals, and verification tools. Optional features, such as real-time project data monitoring further expand capacity.

Data you can trust.

Xweather’s data quality is the best available in the industry. On-site data is integrated into our forecasts to capture the area’s distinct climate and geography.

Advanced analysis.

Advanced science

Vaisala science and technology, in your hands

Xweather’s energy forecast system leverages the latest advances in science and technology. In cooperation with customers and national laboratories, we continuously refine and improve our solution.

High-resolution modeling

Modeling the local environment is complex and require running and developing models that resolve how they work.

Advanced machine learning

For more than a decade, we have leveraged machine learning to significantly reduce forecast error and bias.

Rapid updates

Weather and operational conditions can change fast. Our system updates every 5 minutes to keep you ahead of the weather.

Tailored power curves

Leveraging data directly from a project site, we help optimize the process of translating weather conditions to power output.

Probabilistic information

We help you reduce risk by offering transparency in forecast uncertainty.

Industry knowledge

We understand how energy is produced, moved, and traded. This allows us to develop products that are meaningful beyond weather.

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