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Weather solutions and integrations for healthcare — from pharmaceutical transportation to air quality index and beyond.

Pharmaceutical transportation

Like any perishable good, many medications and vaccines have strict temperature zones they need to stay within to ensure potency and viability. From the lab to the hospital or to the patient's front door, choose the best route and the best packaging for critical transports with weather awareness in mind.

Air filtration systems

When the air quality and air quality health indices start reading as poor for sensitive groups, it's critical for medical facilities to ensure their air filtration systems are powered to the proper setting and their filters are clear to keep patients breathing clearly.

Research and development

Leverage our numerous unique datasets and indices in healthcare research to assess correlations between various health and environmental conditions. Thanks to Clinical Trial Management Systems (CTMS), these trends can be used in union with contextual patient data to match prospective candidates to available trials.

Actionable insights

Patient portals and mHealth tools empower patients to take control of their health with actionable insights. External data sources like air quality, ambient conditions, and barometric pressure can be integrated with Electronic Health Records (EHR) to alert and equip patients of migraines, asthma, COPD, or allergies weather awareness to make informed decisions for their health.

IoMT (Internet of Medical Things)

IoMT — a fast-growing industry of healthcare network-connected wearables, medical devices, and applications — can help to bridge the data gap between patients and their physicians. By pairing real-time patient data with relevant weather information and alerts, physicians can extend their reach into their patient’s daily lives and equip them with proactive approaches to maintaining their health.

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