Sun & Moon

Sun & Moon

Data Usage

The SunMoon component displays the monthly sun and moon information for a single location, such as sunrise, sunset, moon phases and illumination.

Sun & Moon


Display the sun and moon data for the active month in Boulder, CO:

const view = new aeris.wxblox.views.SunMoon('#wxblox');
    p: 'boulder,co'


The following configuration options are supported by this view:

range.fromType: string (undefined)The starting date to display observation history for in the format MM/DD/YYYY. For daily history, use the requested date. For monthly history, the first of the requested month is enforced (e.g. 6/1/2017).{today_date}
range.toType: string (undefined)(optional) The ending date to display observation history for in the format MM/DD/YYYY. This value is typically only used if you want to display a different range other than a single month or day. If undefined, this value is automatically calculated for a single month or day based on the value of summary``
enabledType: boolean (undefined)Whether or not the view is enabled. If false then the view will not be rendered and data required for the view will not be requested. This option is typically only applicable for views contained within a parent layout.true
metricType: boolean (undefined)Whether or not to display units in metric. The method setUnits() can be used at runtime once a view has rendered to change the units currently displayed.false
renderNoDataType: boolean (undefined)Whether or not the view should be rendered if data was not returned or not available.true
requestType: object (undefined)An object containing the default Weather API request options to use for the views's data request where applicable. These parameters can also be overriden in the load(:params) method when rendering the view using the JavaScript method.``


The following methods are supported by instances of this view:


The following events are triggered by instances of this view: