Calendar Layout

Calendar Layout


The Calendar local layout is a full-page layout containing an embedded Calendar component to display past daily summaries alongside extended forecast information for the month with additional page controls.

Calendar Layout


Display a full calendar layout for Boulder, CO in the current month:

const view = new aeris.wxblox.layouts.local.Calendar('#wxblox');
    p: 'boulder,co'


The following configuration options are supported by this view:

dataType: object (undefined)Configuration for the internal Calendar component.``
enabledType: boolean (undefined)Whether or not the view is enabled. If false then the view will not be rendered and data required for the view will not be requested. This option is typically only applicable for views contained within a parent layout.true
metricType: boolean (undefined)Whether or not to display units in metric. The method setUnits() can be used at runtime once a view has rendered to change the units currently displayed.false


The following methods are supported by instances of this view:


The following events are triggered by instances of this view: