AerisWeather is now Vaisala Xweather: Joining forces for good


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Learn about AerisWeather’s merge into Vaisala Xweather and what the transition means for you as an AerisWeather user.

Holly Dunn

Marketing manager, weather and environmental data

To revisit the AerisWeather acquisition in Vaisala’s official stock exchange release, click here.  

In January of 2022, we shared the news that AerisWeather had been acquired by Vaisala, a global leader in weather, environmental, and industrial measurements. This acquisition was not just a merger of two companies but a fusion of vision, expertise, and technology aimed at redefining the future of weather intelligence. After several months of collaboration and planning, Vaisala and AerisWeather announced the launch of Vaisala Xweather.   

Xweather's core mission is to empower your business with high-quality weather data and contribute to a sustainable future for the planet. Vaisala's renewed brand strengthens this commitment even further with its powerful purpose: Taking every measure for the planet.

Being a part of the Xweather ecosystem has already brought numerous benefits to AerisWeather clients. Here are some of the offerings now available:

  • Industry leading lightning API data. Vaisala is the primary source of lightning data for the U.S. Armed Forces, National Weather Service, Federal Aviation Administration, and many international commercial organizations through its global lightning detection network (GLD360).

  • Specialized datasets. Road weather conditions, renewable energy forecasting, air quality insights, maritime conditions.

  • Software solutions. Access to a portfolio of pre-built weather and environmental software platforms dedicated to maximizing safety across industries.

  • Improved forecasts using Xcast. Xcast is a machine learning-based weather prediction technology that improves short-term forecast accuracy and produces unique actionable insights by utilizing local measurements and observations.

Here’s what to expect with this transition

AerisWeather users do not need to make any changes at this time, and any applications relying on API endpoints will continue to be supported.

  1. Website and branding: The website will be fully phased out in early 2024, replaced by Emails and other communications will now come from or instead of, and you’ll now see the Vaisala Xweather logo in place of the AerisWeather logo. 

  2. Transactions and invoicing: All business will now be conducted as Vaisala Xweather, so invoices and billing will say Vaisala Xweather rather than AerisWeather.

  3. Account access: Your account dashboard and services will soon be accessed via an Xweather login portal. Your normal login page will redirect to the new one on

We hope you’ll share in our excitement for this transition and explore the new resources available to you as a new client of Xweather. Our commitment to excellent support remains unchanged, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Support Team or to your Account Executive with any questions. 

Together, let’s continue leading the way with data-driven environmental actions. By integrating quality weather data into business operations, we are creating a world where businesses thrive while actively building a sustainable future. Ready to make a positive impact? 

Holly Dunn

Marketing manager, weather and environmental data

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