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The Rever App: Enhance your next road trip with weather awareness

9.11.2020//Client Stories, Consumer applications, API & Mapping

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Ross Machurick

Lead Account Executive

Built to power motorcycle and auto enthusiasts’ outdoor adventures, REVER offers an iOS, Android, and web app to discover, plan, track, and share routes within its growing community. REVER offers valuable features that help create a memorable user experience, making the addition of weather a tactical and seamless decision. With REVER’s recent Apple CarPlay® integration, riders can now use their CarPlay display to mirror the REVER app onto the big screen.

The Xweather API enhances REVER by allowing users to see current and forecast conditions along with severe alerts. Their interactive map offers a variety of weather layers, increasing riders’ situational awareness and steering them from harm’s way.

The challenge

Mother nature can impact the safety and enjoyment of trips. The ability to avoid storms and stay safe is essential for riders and drivers, especially in rapidly changing conditions. REVER needed a way to improve its PRO users’ experiences both in the app and along their route(s).

The solution

The Xweather API was seamlessly added into the REVER app to provide robust tools for planning, tracking, and navigating. REVER takes this integration one step further with the enablement of Apple CarPlay. The app provides various mapping features within its Tracking and Navigating screen to display data and imagery in unison with navigational directions. From radar and wind speed to severe storm cells and lightning strikes, REVER’s map keeps riders safe.

The results

Integrating Xweather's API data and mapping layers into REVER has allowed users to track inclement weather and avoid suboptimal conditions along their journey. The ability to visualize environmental data before and during a ride provides peace of mind, allowing riders to focus on their adventure and less on the weather.

Ross Machurick

Lead Account Executive



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