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Polaris' RIDE COMMAND app: Enhancing off-road vehicle safety with the Xweather API

5.25.2015//Client Stories, Outdoor recreation, API & Mapping

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Ross Machurick

Lead Account Executive

Name any pastime, and we'd bet that there's an app for that. Such is the case in the realm of off-roading — a sporting experience that Polaris Industries sought to improve with the development and launch of their off-road vehicle (ORV)-focused application, RIDE COMMAND.

The app has many unique features that makes it useful to its audience: Digital gauges that interface with the Polaris Link Bluetooth module designed to supply the user with real-time engine and vehicle data, and a feature that ranks how suitable the conditions are for a specific outdoor activity — such as snowmobiling or motorcycling — based on weather criteria. This weather-inclusive feature was developed with the Xweather team.

The challenge

Polaris had a mission to increase both total users and total usage of RIDE COMMAND. The challenges were threefold:

  • Improve the app's focus — not only around the Polaris vehicle flee, but also each particular sport

  • Track individuals' rides while still maintaining functionality of the app's other components

  • Enhance user experience with sport-specific weather conditions

The solution

Xweather's team of developers worked closely with Polaris to build a custom rule set for each sport based on weather conditions. This would create a more meaningful display for the user. With the ability to quickly understand current and upcoming weather conditions, users could better plan for their rides, which would lead to a better experience both in the app and on the trail.

The results

RIDE COMMAND app users can access real-time weather and trail conditions right in the app thanks to the Xweather API. Through a simple press-and-hold on the map location, users can view the conditions of the trail and area they're interested in. The app has provided snowmobile and ATV enthusiasts with a useful set of tools at their fingertips, no matter the adventure. Equipped with the latest weather information, Polaris riders will always be prepared for the trail ahead.

About Polaris Industries

Polaris Industries is an American manufacturer of snowmobiles, all-terrain vehicles, and neighborhood electric vehicles. Polaris rolled out its first snowmobile in 1956 and has lived by its creed ever since: “Making great products is not just a job – it is a way of life.”

You can download the RIDE COMMAND app in both Google and Apple app stores.

Ross Machurick

Lead Account Executive



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