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Save on just one call out - Wx Horizon pays for itself right away

Start making better winter maintenance decisions.

What you get with a full Wx Horizon Pro subscription

Vaisala Cast Sensors

Vaisala Cast Sensors deliver high-quality weather data from your own roads, giving you the ground truth to make decisions with confidence.

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Enhanced forecasts

We immediately update and improve your road weather forecasts with the latest data from your Vaisala Cast Sensors, so your forecast is always up to date.

Radar, Satellite and 10 day forecasts

Monitor storms in real time and also see what's potentially coming over the next couple of weeks. So you can plan your resource needs well in advance and look after the well-being of your crew.

Alert notifications

Wx Horizon Pro's full alert notification system is highly customizable, and provides reassurance that you will not won’t miss a thing, so you can focus on the most important tasks.

Connected Car Data*

See grip data from cars to validate the effectiveness of your treatment actions and instantly see which areas may need more attention.

*available as an add-on purchase


Continue to benefit from Wx Horizon Pro road weather forecasts, or take it to the next level by enhanceing your forecasts with real-time road data from Vaisala Cast Sensors.

Wx Horizon Pro


Continue receiving Wx Horizon road weather forecasts at five points on your road network.


  • 72-hour road weather forecasts for 5 locations on your network

  • Alert Notifications

  • Radar, satellite, NWS hazards, and 10-day weather forecasts

Wx Horizon Pro + sensors

Starting at

Packages start with 5 Vaisala Cast Sensors for $8,000/year, with more sensors available at extra cost.


  • Vaisala Cast Sensors — real-time data collected from your roads

  • 72-hour road weather forecasts at 10 locations on your network

  • Connected car data (available at extra cost)

  • Alert Notifications

  • Radar, satellite, NWS hazards, and 10-day weather forecasts


3 reasons to add sensors

High-quality road weather measurements
Get actual road surface measurements from your critical locations or problem areas such as bridges, key intersections and inclines.

Unrivaled forecasting accuracy
The measurement data from your roads reduces short term forecasting errors by up to 70%.

Deploying is easier than you think
An entire sensor network can be set up within a day. Vaisala Cast Sensors are wireless, battery-powered, and maintenance-free.

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