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Wx Horizon - End of free trial

Thank you for trying out Wx Horizon Pro. Your trial has now ended.

Speak with us to inquire about upgrading to a full Wx Horizon Pro Subscription, and see how we can tailor Wx Horizon to meet your winter maintenance needs.

3 Reasons to get Wx Horizon Pro:

1) Continue to access to the best road weather forecast data available to enable smarter decision making

2) Get some road surface reality with 5 cutting-edge IoT Road Sensors included in Horizon Pro. High-quality road weather data for your entire network.

3) Benefit from a solution that can reduce the amount of chemical you use, maintain road safety, and help you save money.

Zan McKinney, Independence, Missouri

"Instead of bringing in people at midnight or before .. we said, hey, let's do it — built our forecast and operations around that [WxHorizon] forecast, and we were able to save almost $10,000 in material and staff time in that one 12 hour shift..."

What You Get With a Full Wx Horizon Pro Subscription

Get all of these features, plus more, for $7,000 per year.

5 IoT Cast Road Sensors

Get the definitive state of your road network. With Wx Horizon, you no longer need to rely on incomplete or questionable information from unverified sources. Wx Horizon Pro with Vaisala Cast™ sensing delivers high-quality data, giving you the ground truth to make decisions with confidence.

5 Road Weather Forecast points

Choose 5 additional points in your road network at which you would like to receive road weather forecasts. Combined with sensor points, you get a total of 10 points across your network at which you can receive 72 hour road weather forecasts.

Alert notifications

Wx Horizon’s built-in alert notifications by SMS, email and voice message provide reassurance that you will not won’t miss a thing, so you can focus on the most important tasks.

10 day weather forecast, plus forecast radar and satellite

All of the features of other weather apps, plus the power of Wx Horizon — all in one place.

National Weather Hazards

Stay up-to-date and prepared to respond with the latest National Weather Hazards integrated right into your map.

Floating Car Data*

Timestamped geo-localization and speed data available at extra cost to determine traffic speed and congestion.

Want to continue with Wx Horizon?

Speak with us to enquire about a full Horizon Pro Subscription and how we can tailor Wx Horizon to meet your winter maintenance needs.