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Discover Vaisala Cast Sensors

Improve your road surface temperature forecasts by up to 70% with Vaisala Cast sensors.

// Better data. Better forecasts.

Measure what matters the most

Vaisala Cast sensors are designed to enhance your forecast, guaranteeing high performance and precision:

TempCast sensor

  • Road surface temperature (optional)

  • Air temperature

  • Dew point temperature

GroundCast sensor

  • Road temperature from multiple depths

  • Residual salt amount

  • Road state: dry/ not dry

Install anywhere

Cast sensors are battery-powered, which means they can be installed virtually anywhere. No need for electricians, external power supplies, or infrastructure work.

Instantly connected

Vaisala Cast Sensors communicate wirelessly over cellular networks and are automatically integrated to your Wx Horizon account. All you need to do is to activate the sensor using your smartphone and the data starts flowing.


Operating the sensors is effortless and they are maintenance-free. The battery lasts for + 3 years after which they are replaced with a new unit. Vaisala’s Network Operations Center is remote monitoring the device’s health making sure everything is running without interruptions.

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