Connected car data

Monitor road conditions in real-time with data from connected cars

Are your roads safe to drive?

Access vehicle sensor data from cars driving on your roads right now.

Tire grip information

See where cars are experiencing low friction to target treatments and validate the effectiveness of your ice and snow removal actions

Air temperature

Know real-time air temperature in different parts of your city or municipality

Leveling up with vehicle data

Connected cars provide useful insights when used right. We use for example windshield wiper data to improve atmospheric weather forecasts and therefore also our road weather forecasts so that you can get the most accurate precipitation information available.

For winter maintenance, vehicle sensor data provides valuable information in Wx Horizon about tire grip and air temperature. This information helps to validate the effectiveness of treatment actions and provides high resolution data on local temperature variations.

Well treated!

How do you know that your treatment actions where effective?

Instead of manually checking or waiting for feedback from the public, you can now see how cars experience road conditions and the tire grip in your local roads.

Local air temperature variations

Microclimates cause variations in temperature that may go unnoticed by weather forecasts due to the scale and resolution of weather modeling.

Air temperature measured by connected cars bridges the gaps between your road weather sensors and provides you with insights on how temperature changes in different parts of your city or municipality.

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