Xweather Widgets

Display observations and forecasts on your website with our free fully-customizable HTML weather widgets.

Step 1: Create your Xweather account

Xweather Widgets are powered by our world-renowned global weather API. Create a free Xweather account to start building customized weather widgets for your website.

Step 2: Build your Widget

Use the Widget Wizard to select from one of 8 layouts based on the size and information you need. You’ll then be able to choose your location using place name, ZIP code, lat/lon, or a specific PWS station, and any additional custom features you’d like to add — like styling, coloration, and metric system.

Step 3: Add to your website

Once you’ve built your widget and you’re ready to add it to your site, simply copy your custom widget code and paste it into the location you’d like it to display on your website. Your widget should render instantly.

We can't wait to see what you build.

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