Weather data for machine learning

Leverage historical weather data to train machine learning models and bring weather intelligence to the forefront of your applications.

We think this data-trained revolution could use a little sunshine.

Xweather's robust datasets are backed by a vast network of weather stations providing accurate, quality-controlled datasets — and we're constantly expanding our list of partnerships with governments, businesses, and individuals to further amplify our global coverage, ensuring the highest temporal and spatial resolution available.

With a vast repository of historical weather data constantly updated in near real-time, the Xweather API equips data scientists with a breadth of data for machine training applications.

Leverage bulk weather data for machine learning

Familiarize yourself with our API and its output capabilities with a free trial of Flex — and test out our mapping features while you're at it!

Questions? Reach out to our team of technical experts to discuss enterprise data needs for machine learning applications.