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Support tiers

Maintain your most weather-sensitive operations with the best support plan for your organization.

Choose your support plan

Xweather offers scalable support tiers to maintain critical applications with the most stringent uptime requirements. Receive premium, US-based technical support with the advanced SLA of your choosing by selecting a support tier that fits your application's needs.



A great option for businesses getting started with development. Includes all features from the Basic support tier, in addition to:

  • Priority 2 response time

  • Onboarding and implementation services

  • Account monitoring



Our premier support subscription for any type of business. Includes all Essential Support features plus:

  • Priority 1 response time

  • Organization Account

  • Service-level agreements

Support tiers


Customer Support
Priority 3 response times
Account monitoring
Guidance on best practices
Onboarding and implementation services
Priority 2 response times
Advanced status reporting
Customized account reporting
Organization accounts
Priority 1 response times
SLA agreements
Technical account manager
Technical expert contact


For Essential or Enterprise support do you require a minimum subscription level?

How do we receive product status updates?

What is the difference between priority response times?

What are the standard SLA levels?

Can we receive API status reporting without a support plan?

How can our company get access to parent/child accounts for my engineering and AP team?

Do you have a live chat feature?

If my response times are already between 1-3 business days, do I still need a support plan?

Can I talk to a real human on the phone?