Grow sales, manage risk and improve real estate values with hyper-local weather data

Demand modeling

The weather influences consumer buying habits. Severe storms can reduce foot traffic and encourage more online orders and home delivery. Weather parameters as simple as the amount of sunlight can have a tangible impact on buying patterns. While weather is ever-changing,  past conditions can be modeled to help forecast future demand with high-quality weather data.

Popular Endpoints

Facility management

Optimizing operations at the store level is a science in itself. Retailers must provide a positive shopping experience while managing capital costs and minimizing operating expenses. Weather influences include air quality, temperature and humidity, winds, snow, lightning, and more. A quality weather data partner can drive numerous applications that, when combined, optimize your building while keeping employees and customers safe.

Home delivery + curbside pickup

With the shift to online purchases, retailers determined to stay competitive are incorporating weather conditions and forecasts into their delivery strategy. From packaging perishable goods to delivery commitment in the check-out process, accurate weather data removes unknowns affecting customer satisfaction. And for those curbside orders, keep your staff safe, prepared, and happy with accurate weather intelligence.

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