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Lightning Enterprise

The Xweather Lightning API for industry and enterprise delivers the unique location and characteristics of every lightning strike on the planet as it happens.


We detect more than 2 billion lightning strikes every year.

Our proprietary global detection network captures local lightning information with unsurpassed accuracy across land and sea, even in remote areas beyond the range of radar stations and satellites. Whether you are operating locally, nationally, or globally, you can rely on fast, efficient delivery of real-time and historic lightning data with an industry-leading 99.99% uptime.

Lightning Enterprise - Global network data

Our lightning detection network is accurate and reliable with an industry-leading 99.99% uptime.

United States

< 100 m

Our lightning detection network is accurate to within 100 meters in the U.S.


1 km

Globally, our lightning detection network accuracy is to within 1 kilometer.

A global lightning API for industry and enterprise operations.

Protect people and operations.

Xweather's lightning API provides the insights you need to monitor developing storms and protect your people, property and operations across land, air and sea.

Asset damage and incident analysis.

Thunderstorms cause billions of dollars of damage every year. Enhance your incident analysis with comprehensive historical lightning data worldwide.

Industry-leading support.

With our expertise in meteorology software and data, we help you connect extreme weather events to the impacts they have on your business and operations.


Superior lightning data quality, anywhere.

Our industry-leading, proprietary lightning detection network lets you standardize your lightning detection for global operations with 1 kilometer location accuracy without the need to purchase or maintain your own sensor equipment and systems.

In North America, we offer complete coverage of the Continental United States with unrivaled accuracy to less than 100 meters.

Lightning Enterprise - Data quality

Protect your business from extreme weather.

Fast, flexible data delivery from a single source provides you with comprehensive, actionable data to make informed operational safety decisions. Whether you are looking to monitor lightning threats or perform in-depth analyses, we deliver all the parameters you need.

Single-source access

Our global lightning data comes from a single, unified network of sensors, which means you can implement standardized safety operations in all your locations.

No capital costs

With our Lightning API, you get all of the benefits of our global network without having to purchase, install or maintain your own sensors, equipment or systems.

Scales with your needs

Whether you are operating from one site or across multiple locations worldwide, our fast and flexible data deliver is tuned to your needs and priorities.

Internationally-recognized expertise

Our science in your hands.

Vaisala has been protecting people and property by detecting, locating, and reporting lightning events for almost 40 years. But we haven’t stood still. When it comes to safety, your decisions demand the best data. With industry-leading investment in R&D and innovation, Vaisala delivers the most accurate and complete real-time and historical lightning data in the world. We are proud to serve and support U.S. federal agencies, national meteorological agencies, and commercial safety operations worldwide.

Global Lightning Detection Network GLD360

Unsurpassed global lightning detection accuracy to within one kilometer, even in the most remote areas.

Lightning threat zone

Improve your situational awareness of lightning risks with thunderstorm nowcasting up to 60 minutes out.

Strike damage potential

Real-time lightning data that identifies strikes with the most potential to damage assets or start fires.

National Lightning Detection Network NLDN

Detect real-time lightning across the Continental U.S. with unrivaled location accuracy to within 100 meters.

Lightning integrator

High-quality historical lightning data API to support your incident analysis tools.

Lightning exporter

View and export comprehensive real-time and historical lightning data in your browser.

Real-time and historical lightning data from the industry's most accurate global detection network.

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