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Improving driving safety and comfort with BOSCH connected map services

1.23.2024//Client Stories, Automotive, Road Weather

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Anastasia Manner

Marketing Manager

BOSCH connected map services enhance both driving safety and comfort, while also increasing the availability of automated driving functions.

"This cooperation between Vaisala Xweather and Bosch will lead to a new era of road-condition forecasting. Unlike weather forecasts in the media, the Bosch connected map services take multiple possible forecast scenarios into consideration,” says Petri Marjava, Head of Automotive at Vaisala Xweather.

BOSCH connected map services will be able to alert to hazards before critical situations can develop, and and allow the vehicle to adjust its driving style, improving driving safety and comfort. The solution uses the combination of swarm data from connected vehicles and data sources from the infrastructure, such as weather information.

Up to the highly automated SAE level 4, the decision as to whether a car can assume the task of driving depends on factors such as road type, speed range, and environmental conditions. In future automated vehicles, this decision will also be based on the predictive road-condition services provided by Bosch. Automated vehicle will know in good time what environmental conditions to expect. This means it will have plenty of time to adapt its driving style, instead of having to hand over the driving task to the driver at the first sign of impaired road conditions, however minor. If the vehicle’s route takes it through rain, it will adapt its speed well in advance to a level that excludes any risk of aquaplaning and allows it to stop safely at any time.

As the number of connected cars on the roads continues to grow, the service will be further enhanced with additional vehicle data.

Watch the video to learn more:

Anastasia Manner

Marketing Manager

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